Welcome to Heart of the Hills Massage Therapy

Based in the Perth’s Hills area, Heart of the Hills is not far from the Great Eastern highway, in the suburb of Glen Forrest. My clinic is easily accessible from surrounding suburbs of Midland, Mundaring, Kalamunda and Guildford.

Dozens of patients have already experienced the restorative benefits of massage therapy at Heart of the Hills. They use my services to ease pain, reduce stress, improve range of motion and most importantly – relax!

The services I offer include:

Traditional Swedish / Relaxation Massage

Relax! You deserve it. With a relaxation massage, the focus is on reducing stress through gentle, flowing strokes. This is a pain free way to take a break from the world around you and listen to some calming music while your whole body benefits from an all-over treatment. Feel less stress and sleep better after a well deserved relaxation massage.

Remedial / Sports Massage

Choose remedial / sports massage if you have a specific trouble spot that needs attention due to pain or injury. This technique focuses on the one area, aiding the repair of soft tissue and restoring functionality. Athletes, highly active people and those who are feeling the strain of repetitive motions can all benefit from this massage style.

Pregnancy Massage

Growing a whole new human puts a great deal of pressure on your body! Pregnancy massage releases the tension and pain caused by the shift in your balance and the extra weight you are carrying. Get comfortable and relax while the stress your body is under is eased in a calm and tranquil environment.

Bowen Therapy

This holistic technique is a hands on, hands off treatment that requires breaks between sets of moves. Bowen therapy focuses on the body’s soft connective tissue through massage, aiming to treat the cause of aches and pains rather than the symptoms. The gentle, non-invasive approach of Bowen Therapy means it is suitable for all body types and for those with higher levels of sensitivity.

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique applies more firm pressure than other massage styles, to reach the deeper tissue structure of the muscles. Deep Tissue Massage helps to release chronic muscle tension and reduce ‘knots’, improving circulation and reducing localised pain. Choose deep tissue massage if you are ‘carrying’ a lot of tension and do not prefer a soft touch.



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